Mindfulness Among Students: The Impact of Faculty and Demography in Malaysia

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Start on. Data on various workshops and courses available in Malaysia and Singapore will be collected, together with population and demographic data on Muslims in Singapore and Malaysia. This proposed project focusing on the caregiving of frail seniors in the community aims to contribute towards our understanding and efforts towards the provision of better eldercare in the community in Singapore context. This is a developmental project expecting to be developed further for a larger scale study.

It also investigates how gender, education, and family background moderate the relationship.

The team used a mixed- method approach, employing the nationally representative Chinese Family Panel Studies and in-depth interviews conducted in Beijing in Plans are underway to publish selected conference papers as special journal issues 3 How Migration Influences Cohabitation and Divorce: A Mixed-Method Study in China — accepted for presentation at the Population Association of America annual meeting in April This project investigates the trends and patterns of family change in Southeast Asia for the past 50 years.

Part 1 provides a comparative picture between countries of how marriage, fertility and household structures have evolved since the s, using indicators such as singulate mean age at marriage, singlehood rates, divorce rates, fertility and childlessness rates, household types and living arrangements particularly of older people.

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Given that we reside in a fast-paced society where our mental health may be easily compromised, increasing research has been focusing on behavioral addiction BA as it has been known to be closely related to poor mental health outcomes. The rising prevalence rates across countries has also demonstrated the urgency to increase our understanding within this field of study. Moreover, the weak focus on family and brain-imaging research on the depressed population may limit prevention and intervention frameworks which could have been more effectively implemented.

The current proposed study thus aims to: 1 identify family factors related to BA among a healthy community sample compared to a group of outpatients who are clinically diagnosed with depression; 2 identify the neuro-correlates of BA among the community sample compared to the outpatient group; 3 determine how family factors may interact with neuro-correlates in influencing BA when comparing the two samples.

At the core of our research plan is to harness the benefits of a digital-age where individual preferences, thinking style, intelligence and everyday activities are exponentially represented in social media interactions.

Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice

Honesty is necessary for developing trusting relationships within the family unit, but research has shown that children start being able to tell lies at 3 years of age, and their lies grow increasingly frequent and nuanced over time. Given the ubiquity of childhood deception and its negative consequences later in life, it is crucial to find effective ways of reducing lie-telling in children.

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However, the scientific literature provides surprisingly few studies on this topic. The main goal of this project is to discover new and empirically proven methods of promoting truth-telling in young Singaporean children.

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The goal is to use big data to predict citizen characteristics such as decision-making style. Co-led by Associate Professor Bussarawan Puk Teerawichitchainan, VHAS provides a unique resource for investigating mechanisms of association between diverse exposures to armed conflict during the Vietnam War and multiple dimensions of health and wellbeing among older adults.

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Uniquely stressful, war punctuates the life course of many millions worldwide. Research in the developed world demonstrates that veterans and war refugees face heightened risks of physical and mental health problems. In developing countries like Vietnam where population aging and chronic disease burdens are rapidly rising, the older-aged populations have seen a disproportionate share of armed conflict and related casualties.

Yet, enduring impacts of war and military service in developing settings remain greatly understudied.

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The VHAS aims to provide a unique, publicly available dataset for analysis of the long-term implications of war and trauma exposure for old-age health and aging processes. The VHAS has a longitudinal design. The first wave of data collection conducted in among 2, adults at 60 and older.