Brainfit: 10 Minutes a Day for a Sharper Mind and Memory

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Fergus Craik of the Rotman Research Institute explains normal memory changes this way: "Memory processes are not lost to us as we age The mechanism is not broken, it's just inefficient. Gary Small.

8 Ways to Exercise Your Brain With Games

Still, it is helpful to have general guidelines by which to assess what's normal and what's not. Below is a checklist that shows the range of memory loss from benign to severe in middle-aged and older people. A more detailed checklist developed by the Memory Research Department of the University of Wisconsin can be found at www.

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Additionally, The Alzheimer's Foundation of America provides, free of charge, a wealth of information about memory loss and treatment. Think of it this way: would you wait until you couldn't lift your briefcase into the overhead compartment of the plane to start a muscle mass rebuilding program?

Of course not-so why wait until your brain cells atrophy to start exercising your brain? The brain can't exercise itself. It needs your help. Choosing to have a healthier brain is a personal lifestyle choice. While most people understand the correlation between physical fitness and a longer, healthier life, few people extend the analogy to include fitness from the neck up. Most people would agree, however, that quality of life as we age is absolutely dependent on healthy brain functioning.

What good is a long life if our mental capacities are going soft? Scientists and medical professionals are sounding the brain health alarm. The Alzheimer's Association has a national radio spot that advocates," Stay active, eat healthy, and make brain health a personal and national priority.

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It's time to take exercising our brain as seriously as we take physical exercise and dietary health. We can actively influence the health of our brains by engaging in a planned program of brain aerobics. The choice is ours.

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We can sit back and hope that genetics play in our favor, or we can take an active role in building and protecting our brains, starting today. The brain thrives on novelty, so the best brain fitness exercises are those that make us think in new ways and are enjoyable. No matter how good an exercise is if it becomes boring and routine we are unlikely to follow through on a regular basis. How many of us have exercise equipment gathering dust in the basement or a spare bedroom?

The mental exercises and hobbies in which you choose to engage must be stimulating and fun if you are going to practice them on a regular basis. Good brain fitness exercises include the following criteria: 1. Force you to think while doing them assembling a model airplane answering questions on television quiz shows creating a new recipe from scratch doing crossword puzzles or brainteasers 2.

Challenge you to do old things in new ways taking a new route home from work brushing your teeth with your nondominant hand eating your dinner with chopsticks 3. Include progressive levels of new learning learning a new language taking up a new hobby learning how to use a new software application learning or relearning how to play a musical instrument 4.

Require new modes of thinking writing a rhyming poem building a sand castle or ice sculpture drawing a picture writing your memoirs reading a new book genre e. Involve body-kinesthetic challenge cross-country skiing, golf, tennis, Ping-Pong, or pool learning how to drive a standard shift automobile riding a bicycle creating art through painting, pottery, or woodworking ballroom dancing 6.

Are socially interactive playing bridge or other card games participating in book club discussions doing volunteer work taking classes at a community college attending a play or a lecture with friends 7. Aerobic exercises, which pump blood and important nutrients to the brain walking briskly or jogging walking or running on a treadmill working out on an elliptical cross-trainer taking "spin" classes or step aerobics classes doing jumping jacks How Does the Brainfit Program Work?

The Brainfit program is a guided brain exercise program designed to put you on the fast track to fitness from the neck up. It is modeled on circuit training, one of the hottest trends in physical fitness training. In circuit training, exercisers move rapidly from one fitness station to another, spending five or ten minutes at each station. Fitness stations alternate between cardiovascular workouts and muscle building workouts.

The huge popularity of circuit training is attributed to people's desire for a total exercise regimen which is also fast, fun, and effective.

Brainfit by Corinne Gediman (ebook)

Building on the gains and enjoyment people experience in circuit training, the Brainfit program consists of nine brain-boosting workout stations. Each station focuses on strengthening a different aspect of memory and mental agility. Daily exercises, which take approximately ten minutes to complete, are high impact and fun. The nine fitness stations with their primary exercise focus are described below: Fitness Station Exercise Focus Making Memories Exercises for short-term and long-term memory Taking Aim Exercises using the fundamental memory skills Remembering Who Exercises for remembering names Remembering What Exercises for remembering that To Do list Remembering How Many Exercises for remembering important numbers Remembering When Exercises for remembering appointments and special occasions Remembering Where Exercises for remembering directions and locating.

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  4. Trade Paperback Book - Slightly Imperfect. Are you ready to reclaim your brain? Brainfit is a training program designed to improve both your memory and mental agility in as little as 10 minutes a day. Each of the nine weekly workouts focuses on a different aspect of brain fitness. This book utilizes "new" breakthroughs in neuroscience to develop training programs that can improve your mental performance. I put new in quotes because this book came out over a decade ago. While the book is not bad, it isn't exactly great either.

    My biggest issue is just that I have read all the research before or at least the popular treatments of the research.

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    My other issue with the book is that it is one that you are supposed to write in. This wouldn't be bad if it were my own book, but I This book utilizes "new" breakthroughs in neuroscience to develop training programs that can improve your mental performance. This wouldn't be bad if it were my own book, but I got this one from the library and not everyone is as considerate as I am. So someone wrote in this book and it was really quite annoying.

    My only solace is that they didn't circle the answers to trivia and things. Brainfit is packed with little anecdotes and bits of trivia intended to help your brain health. There isn't really much there that I haven't already read or heard of before. If you are new to neuroscience or are getting on in years and wish to stave off dementia or some other disease, this book certainly won't hurt. May 18, Roslyn rated it it was ok.

    Maybe there are some people who this would help but--this was not helpful to me. Though the first few chapters were interesting, all the tricks for remembering stuff Freddy Knighton rated it it was amazing Dec 07, Kasey rated it really liked it Nov 25, Teresa Rimel rated it liked it Jan 10, Carolina Sonner rated it it was amazing Dec 27, Lily Zhu rated it really liked it Feb 12, Richard Smyth rated it liked it Feb 27, Mark Johnson rated it really liked it Jan 05, Deborah Fitch rated it it was ok Dec 09, Elmer Watts rated it liked it Jul 08, Bussell-Patino rated it it was amazing Jul 14, Diane rated it really liked it Jul 06, Kcassels rated it liked it Nov 29, Sharron rated it really liked it Jul 31,