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Cheers Trivia. Seinfeld Ultimate Episode Guide is authored by a sitcom expert who penned the most comprehensive reference book that has ever been written about the show. This Episode Guide is the best source for "Seinfeld" facts; no other source contains as much information. This type of thoroughness cannot be found anywhere else in the entire Seinfeld Universe. Each episode is summarized in detail with supporting credits, such as writer, director, actors, and uncredited actors.

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The best part is insider information about each episode and little known facts and trivia. There is even a section detailing After reading the book cover-to-cover, you will know anything and everything about the actors and their private These people are trying to do a good thing. You can imagine a million jokes that would undercut that message for the sake of a laugh.

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Phil is right about how oddly the episode has to handle the business of his exit. I feel a little bad that Carla could have contemplated maintaining her deception with no qualms. Cheers is a place where everyone knows your name, but not everyone knows the state of your checking account. The redistribution of wealth on display is akin to a physical body distributing white blood cells in order to fight illness.

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These people are organs linked together through commonality, whether they are primary players or background figures. Meredith Blake: There was a minute in this episode when I was sure I was going to hate it: Diane walks in to the back room to find Carla, lounging decadently across the pool table, her big, pregnant belly protruding upwards.

Arguably the bigger risk, though, is the political one.

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I wonder if there was ever any conservative pushback against Cheers? The most obvious one is that someone like Dan Quayle and his speechwriters would have been less likely to notice, or see any possible advantage in going after, a show that presented itself as apolitical to one that had been using its liberal heroine as a mouthpiece to insult Republicans and family-values types for years.

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The Cheers creative team may not have seen it quite like that, but I can still imagine a family values cheerleader watching the show and taking comfort in that image. PN: This one feels to me like two different episodes grafted together, linked by the theme of tolerance for gays. Not content with throwing back brewskis and catching up with his pal, Sam has arranged to turn their reunion into a media event, with reporters and photographers there to record the moment—something that I think seems way out of character for Sam, but let it pass. Sam is badly thrown by this news, but after retreating to the back room for some tough love from Diane, he comes to his senses and marches out to have his picture taken with his friend, even as reporters are hectoring him with questions about just how close they really were in the old days.

In the second half, Autry is long gone and much missed , but the regulars are still steaming and feeling the repercussions of his visit.

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Norm, in particular, has gotten deep in touch with his inner Archie Bunker and is warning Sam that, if a bar lets down its guard for even a minute, it can turn gay at the drop of a hat. In order to head trouble off at the pass, he and his fellow lovable homophobes devote all their energies to identifying which of the people in the bar are probably gay and finding a non-confrontational way to drive them from the establishment.

All this is well-meaning stuff, firmly on the side of the angels.

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The point of that scene turns out to be that Rhodes thinks Coach is trying to shock him into realizing that he loves his son too much to give in to his bigoted impulses. But since Coach is doing no such thing, it still chills my marrow a little.

I never read that scene as Coach being bigoted; I read it as him telling the customer what he thinks the guy wants to hear. Coach just sort of goes along. I did find the escalating efforts of Norm and company to out-manly each other to be pretty funny. Vive le difference, I guess.