Father and Friend, Thy Light, Thy Love

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A new hymn I will sing to my God. O God, you are great and glorious; we marvel at your power.

Psalm 47 The Lord Jesus is King of all He is seated at the right hand of the Father, and his kingdom will have no end. God is king of all the earth.


Psalm Prayer God, King of all peoples and all ages, it is your victory we celebrate as we sing with all the skill at our command. Help us always to overcome evil by good, that we may rejoice in your triumph for ever. Give to the hungry some of your bread, and to the naked some of your clothing. Seek counsel from every wise man. At all times bless the Lord God, and ask him to make all your paths straight and to grant success to all your endeavors and plans. Speed my steps along your path, — according to your will, O God.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

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Show us your mercy, Lord; remember your holy covenant. With single-minded devotion we dedicate the beginnings of this day to the honor of your resurrection, — may we make the whole day pleasing to you by our works of holiness. Lord, help your brothers to grow in holiness. As a sign of your love, you renew each day for the sake of our well-being and happiness, — renew us daily for the sake of your glory. Teach us today to recognize your presence in all men, — especially in the poor and in those who mourn.

Grant that we may live today in peace with all men, — never rendering evil for evil. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. In you we have been born again as sons and daughters of light: may we be your witnesses before all the world.

Another form of the blessing may be used, as at Mass. Then he adds: Go in peace. Go to the Hymn Psalm 67 People of all nations will worship the Lord You must know that God is offering his salvation to all the world Acts Several girls in the school were converted and testified to the joy they found in the Lord. Frances confided in Mrs. Teed about her feelings, and that she so wanted the Lord Jesus in her life, too.

Teed referred her to a Miss Cooke, who wisely asked, ""Why can you not trust yourself to your Savior at once? I remember how my heart beat.

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I ran upstairs. I flung myself on my knees.

Using social enterprise to promote opportunity and equity in education, health, and employment.

I was very happy at last. I committed my soul to my Savior. I do not mean to say without any trembling or fear - but I did - and earth and heaven seemed bright from that moment - I did trust the Lord Jesus. Miss Havergal wrote: "Trusting Thee!

For Thee! That is the end of the whole matter of consecration.

For Thee, my Redeemer; for Thee, Who hast spoken to my heart; for me! She passed away at Swansea, Wales, in her 43rd year. She exclaimed, "It is all perfect peace.

I am only waiting for Jesus to take me in. The great missionary to China, Dr. Her consecration hymn, "Take My Life and Let it Be" is considered one of the greatest hymns ever written. Never sang this hymn without my spirit confirming God is too good to be questioned. He knew from the beginning we were unworthy I cannot match Him, or compare!

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One day as I was singing this hymn verse two became real to me. He had given His years as man, that I can share in His eternity and glory. I decided to leave my job, and give Him one year to be in His Word and share His gospel. As the years go on I can increase in possessions, or in a bank account, but my time is not increasing.

My time is being spent year by year, day by day, and hour by hour! How many years are left for me? I don't know. Yes the Lord has left all His glory in heaven for us to have life. Oh Lord, Thou hast suffered all the shame and pain. The question remains what have I done for You. Your commission we know Lord but need the strength to do. Praise You Lord You are our strength and ability. Fill us today Lord with Thyself and take the gospel to the ends of the world.

Christ is the gospel and the gospel is Christ. Oh brothers and sisters we need to release Christ, minister Christ and preach Christ and preach Christ from our spirit to sinners. Follow us:.