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Moreover, India and Indonesia are continuing to grow at a rapid pace, offering a wide array of new sectors for app game developers to reach. Game developers should be keen to tailor different game journeys for each user segment. The success of a campaign depends on getting the right message, at the right time, to the right user segment.

Lavi: Our experience in the gaming industry indicates that the typical US gamer is more likely to click and install a game than the typical Asian gamer. South Korea and Japan are one of the top 3 markets in the world when looking at average mobile game spending per user. Lavi: We have found some gender differences between the way male and f emale gamers interact with mobile apps in Asia. For example, the average CPI is double for females than it is for males, meaning that women are less likely to install games than men.

Lavi: Focus on innovative, immersive and personalized creatives that will not only encourage users to install your app but also become a loyal brand-fans, engaging regularly with your product. Creativity is the gateway to a successful user acquisition campaign so the message in each ad should be clear and distinct and presented in the first few seconds of the ad.

These channels allow for precise audience segmentation based on data research that will be conducted in advance. Along the way, we developed unique features that pinpoint the highest LTV paying users, such as depositor type segmentation one time depositors, high value etc.

Female gamers are an untapped market for developers

Lavi: Asian gamers are more difficult to convert to loyal users, but if app developers can get them to install the game, their retention becomes easier to attain. Check out our complete list of the best video game companies in the world. Big studios are hiring more junior designers than ever , both for new IP and to add insight to existing franchises.


There are also more roles for senior developers as teams of junior developers grow, so there are more roles becoming available for more experienced designers. Most studios are set up by a designer, but where there is a larger team there is always space for another. Indie studios also allow you more input on a game, since there are fewer voices to be heard against. Cafe Bazaar is the largest gaming platform in the Middle East, right?


In all of the Middle East. There are a few small app stores here and there. But for Persian speaking people in the Middle East in general, we have 40 million users. It is reported that Cafe Bazaar is started by college students. Well, the tech market in Iran has been growing dramatically over the course of the last five, six years especially. Even with whatever economic problems there are, this particular sector of economy has been growing very quickly.

Everybody in Iran has a smartphone these days. Everybody uses e-commerce on a regular basis. That provided a lot of different opportunities. People are looking for technological solutions in their daily lives. Since we were founded in , if you think about six years ago, we had about 6 million users and we were working with developers around the country. The growth has been very significant. In terms of game revenue, we were third behind Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

But the thing is we have a lot more room to grow. The Turks have already reached a certain saturation points. And you have these tiny little countries that have a lot of oil money, but like very few actual people. How would you comment on that part?

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But, they do sometimes make things a little bit harder. We work with developers around the world. We can find a way to get things done without violating sanctions. The sanctions apply to some things and not everything, there was this sort of embedded impression.

Indie game development

I mean, we do business with Supercell, which is the biggest game developer in the world. We do business with a lot of Chinese developers like tap4fun and major institutions like Elex. We can do business with them and we can send the revenue from their games back to them. Google Play is available.

But Google Play is available here nonetheless.

[Updated] G2A vows to pay devs 10x the money proven to be lost on chargebacks - G2A News

You know, our market is sort of suited for a Persian culture, for our language, for our markets and culture. So our users still prefer us. I have no idea. But we do those things that were made for the market. So people still appreciate us.