He Gave Gifts Unto Men: Gods Plan for Ministry in the Kingdom

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God, however, does not want you to feel lost in the broader call.

You are a uniquely crafted part of His kingdom—with all your strengths, gifts, passions, and quirks. His kingdom is best represented when you are fully you, alive and flourishing in the season, place and gifts He designed for you. When you embrace who He has made you to be individually, you are better able to actually be a blessing to others and be part of bringing His kingdom to earth.

Kingdom of God

What are some of the unique traits you possess--gifts, strengths, passions? Make a list and consider these things with fresh eyes. How could these things draw you deeper into relationship with God? How could they be used to connect others to God? How do your individual characteristics open opportunities to connect to the body of Christ at large?

Think beyond the traditional idea of church volunteerism if you have struggled to find a place in that context. Are you an artist who can portray beauty and truth in a unique way?

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Are you gifted with hospitality and the ability to make others feel comfortable in your home? Are you a successful business strategist who could help faith-based non-profits be more successful in their endeavors? Ask the Holy Spirit to show you where you uniquely fit in revealing His kingdom on earth. The possibilities are truly endless. Forgot your password?

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    The Secret of Power. Louis Arnold. The Road to Knowing. Don Hatfield. Exposing the Spirit of Deception. Rev Kingsley and Mrs. Trish Nkrumah. Walking in and Judging the Prophetic. Steven Murr. What does it mean to be a Christian man? Is his identity rooted in his Is his identity rooted in his service, career, or family? In this book, we will explore what defines the Christian male. It is time for Christian men to rise to the When Jesus made us citizens of the Kingdom, it came with advantages. As members of As members of the kingdom of God, we are eligible to partake of the outpouring of the Spirit.

    The books of Joel and Acts declare that the direct Since the earliest days of Christianity, there have been continual doctrinal battles concerning the faith. As time passed, theologians presented new theories and revelations concerning God and His word. Because of this, many are unsure of what to believe and God promised Israel godly shepherds.

    Your Divine Design

    The focus of this book is to bring clarity and The focus of this book is to bring clarity and understanding to the pastoral office and the pastoral anointing. This information will help individuals to recognize the operations of this anointing in their lives and Power of the Spirit Deluxe Edition 2 Books. Two enlightening books concerning dreams, visions, and spiritual gifts in one edition!

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