Major Acts of Congress Vol 1 (A-E)

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For example, in the Congressional Record a bullet next to a statement means that it was inserted in the record but never spoken on the floor.

Historical Documents Bibliography

Each numbered Congress has its own indexed volume or volumes of the Congressional Record, arranged in chronological order. Later volumes also have an indexed Daily Digest at the end of the Congress, and some have appendixes of various kinds. Letter from the President of the United States urging termination of the European War addressed to, Journals of the House of Representatives of the United States. The House and Senate Journals record the actions of the each body on each day they are in session, but do not contain transcripts of debates.

Each volume of the Journals corresponds to a session of Congress and has its own index at the back of the volume. Index entries refer to bill or resolution numbers, which then must be looked up in lists of bills, House Resolutions, and House Concurrent Resolutions which immediately precede the index. The entry for the bill or resolution gives the dates when the matter was discussed or acted on in some way. Occasionally an index entry will give a page number if there is no bill or resolution connected to the matter, as in the annual report in the sample entry below.

Permanent peacekeeping force, provide H. Prohibit assistance to any country which is 6 months or more in arrears with respect to payment of its assessed share of United Nations expenses H. Page Vietnam— Agricultural agreements concluded with, reports… 8, 59, , , , Armed Forces members killed in, appointment to service academies for sons— See S. Commitments in, fiscal and monetary position of United States, investigate— See S. Government Printing Office. Superintendent of Documents. This volume contains both a subject index to the Serial Set and a reference table of the document numbers included in each volume of the Serial Set.

The reference table is arranged chronologically by congress number, then session number and date, so it is a useful source for locating documents identified in other indexes, finding the Serial Set volumes which cover a range of dates and for locating the House and Senate Journals for a particular session. Correspondence, James Buchanan to Lewis Cass, regarding policy to be pursued to avert war……..

The United States Senate Committee on Finance

Debts of loyal States………………………………………………………………………………….. Congressional Committee Prints Index through Congressional Committee Prints.


Washington D. This commercially published index covers a microfiche set of the research reports prepared at the request of Congress. It contains an Index by Subjects and Names, which refers to a reference bibliography. The reference bibliography contains brief bibliographic descriptions, including a SuDoc call number if the report was released through the Federal Depository Library Program, the name of the committee associated with the report, and subject references. Congressional Committee Hearings Index. Congressional Committee Hearings.

This commercially published index covers Senate and House committee hearings from approximately It is divided into eight chronological parts, each of which consists of several volumes. The first part, for example, covers hearings from to March Each part contains an index by subjects and organizations, which then refers to a separate reference bibliography volume containing detailed information on each hearing, including witnesses, topics discussed, and the number of any bill that was the subject of the hearing. There is also a title index, bill number index, SuDocs number index and names index.

The reference below is an example of a document available only on microfiche. Witnesses: Woodson, A. Jones, William A. Slater, Samuel E.

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Congress, House of Representatives. House Document No. Ames covers the years and is a subject index to all government documents published during this period. The index has three columns: author or origin of the document in the left, date and description in the middle, and type of report and report number on the right. Staci, A.

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Education and liberal arts , as shown in exposition at Paris, , report on Reports of Paris Exposition, , v. Warren, C. Education, Bureau of , answers to inquries about work and history of , 29 p. July 23, 88 S. Hickox, John H. Arlington, VA: Carrollton Press. Kanely, Edna A. Arlington, VA: Carrollton Press, Hickox published a monthly catalog arranged by year and then by author for the years to Education, etc. Bush, George Gary. History of Education in Florida.

Washington, Report from the Committee on Claims favoring bill H. February 26, Congressional Information Service. These briefs are prepared by the research agency of Congress for congressional committees and individual senators and representatives, and can give insight into how policy issues were addressed at the time each report was written.

As a last resort, congresspersons can sometimes obtain a copy of CRS publications for their constituents. The citations in the CRS Index list the year of the microfilm reel or microfiche, followed by a dash, the reel or fiche number, and the frame number. Authors and titles are also searchable. Use the help menu for guidance on how to search by specific parts of the record, such as title, or how to combine search terms.

In order to find a report in the microfilm or microfiche, you will need the report number and the film and frame number if it is given. Public Affairs Information Service. PAIS is an index of information about economics, political science, social welfare, and international relations which includes congressional information but is not limited to government resources. It has been published since , and focuses on factual and statistical information. Indexes are published annually, with paperbound updates during the current year. A cumulative index was published for A detailed introductory essay concentrates on Congress itself, reviewing its organization and procedures.

A great addition to collections in need of resources on government, civics, citizenship, history and the law. Read more Read less. Amazon Global Store US International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions. Manufacturer warranty may not apply Learn more about Amazon Global Store. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. One view is that large multiple-issue lobbies tend to be effective in getting results for their clients if they are sophisticated, managed by a legislative director familiar with the art of compromise, and play "political hardball".

Studies of lobbying by academics in previous decades painted a picture of lobbying being an ineffectual activity, although many of these studies were done before lobbying became prevalent in American politics. What happens often is that varying coalitions find themselves in "diametrical opposition to each other" and that stalemates result. There is anecdotal evidence from numerous newspaper accounts of different groups battling that lobbying activity usually achieves results.

Actions taken included:. And sometimes merely keeping the status quo could be seen as a victory. When gridlock led to the supposed supercommittee solution, numerous lobbyists from all parts of the political spectrum worked hard, and a stalemate resulted, but with each side defended their own special interests. Lobbying is a practical necessity for firms that "live and die" by government decisions, such as large government contractors such as Boeing.

An Act of Congress [Doc/discussion] - H.R. 6161 -- 1977

A study done in by Bloomberg News suggested that lobbying was a "sound money-making strategy" for the 20 largest federal contractors. Lobbying has been the subject of much debate and discussion.

There is general consensus that lobbying has been a significant corrupting influence in American politics, although criticism is not universal, and there have been arguments put forward to suggest that the system is working properly. Generally the image of lobbyists and lobbying in the public sphere is not a positive one, although this is not a universal sentiment. Lobbyists have been described as a "hired gun" without principles or positions. While there is much disclosure, much of it happens in hard-to-disclose personal meetings, and the resulting secrecy and confidentiality can serve to lower lobbying's status.

Since the s, congresspersons and staffers have been "going downtown"—becoming lobbyists—and the big draw is money. In July , Public Citizen published a report entitled "The Journey from Congress to K Street ": the report analyzed hundreds of lobbyist registration documents filed in compliance with the Lobbying Disclosure Act and the Foreign Agents Registration Act among other sources.

It found that since , 43 percent of the members of Congress who left government to join private life have registered to lobby. A similar report from the Center for Responsive Politics found former members were in the "influence-peddling business", with officially registered as federal lobbyists, and 85 others who were described as providing "strategic advice" or "public relations" to corporate clients.

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Numerous reports chronicle the revolving door phenomenon. And it is not just staffers, but lawmakers as well, including high-profile ones such as congressperson Richard Gephardt.

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He represented a "working-class" district in Missouri for many years but after leaving Congress, he became a lobbyist. A similar concern voiced by critics of lobbying is that Washington politics has become dominated by elites, and that it is an "insider's game" excluding regular citizens [62] and which favors entrenched firms. In a lot of areas, the stakes are between big companies, and it's hard to argue that one solution is better than another solution with regard to the consumer's interest The issue A related but slightly different criticism is that the problem with lobbying as it exists today is that it creates an "inequity of access to the decision-making process".

His plan [ citation needed ] would deprive lawmakers-turned-lobbyists of privileges such as unfettered access to otherwise "members only" areas such as the House and Senate floors and the House gym. A concern among many critics is that influence peddling hurts overall decision making, according to this criticism.

Proposals with merit are dropped in favor of proposals backed by political expediency. A group supported by the United States Department of Agriculture proposed healthier lunches as a way to combat childhood obesity by limiting the number of potatoes served, limiting salty foods, and adding more fresh vegetables, but this group was countered by a strong food lobby backed by Coca-Cola , Del Monte , and makers of frozen pizza. Critics have contended that when lawmakers are drawn into battles to determine issues such as the composition over school lunches or how much an ATM fee should be, [] more serious issues such as deficit reduction or global warming or social security are neglected.

Critics suggested that the Congress spent more time discussing per-transaction debit-card fees while neglecting issues seen as more pressing. In this line of reasoning, critics contend that lobbying, in and of itself, is not the sole problem, but only one aspect of a larger problem with American governance. Critics point to an interplay of factors: citizens being uninvolved politically; [62] congresspersons needing huge sums of money for expensive television advertising campaigns; increased complexity in terms of technologies; congresspersons spending three days of every week raising money; [] and so forth.

Given these temptations, lobbying came along as a logical response to meet the needs of congresspersons seeking campaign funds and staffers seeking personal enrichment. In a sense, in competitive politics, the common good gets lost:.