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Charge storage in fibrous electrets, Thakur, R.

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Influence of fiber shape on filtration performance of nonwoven air filter media, Ishtiaque, S. Electro-conductive textiles as pressure sensors, Reja, N. A novel equipment and methodology for determination of fibre orientation in slivers, Das, D.

Numerical modeling of tensile behavior of needle-punched nonwovens, Jaiswal, G. Electret nonwoven filter media, Das, D.

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Enhancement of tensile properties of nettle fibers by alkali treatment, Kumar, N. Experimental and numerical study on automotive pleated air filters, Maddineni, A. Chemical and electrochemical polymerization of mixtures of pyrrole and thiophene onto polyester fabric: Performance characterization, Sen, K. Natural fibre-based oil sorbents for oil spill clean-up, Renuka, S. Studies on corona-charged polypropylene fibrous electrets, Thakur, R.

Fiber embodies the ultimate biomimetic imitation technologies of nature. The monthly magazine's special editions, Yearbook of nonwoven fabric Industry and generally introduced the Chinese nonwoven fabric industry. We summarized this content chronologically and compiled it into a book after adding new articles including reviews of exhibitions. The chronological structure of the articles helps you understand the detailed history of the Chinese nonwoven fabric industry and it also helps you have a clear perspective on the industry in China, which is increasingly attracting attention.

His half-century of research footmarks along with the development of the High Performance Paper Society, Japan are described in this book.

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The book also contains so-called Kobayashi Reports presentations and lectures on high performance paper from to that were released in the monthly magazine Nonwovens Report and were well-received. The list of people related to the High Performance Paper Society, Japan is attached at the end of the book.

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Tomochika Ogata from Vector Co. This book was completed by summarizing his six lectures in series with many pictures and references added.


It focuses on his unique ideas about life, business management and development of human resources. You can enjoy just reading it and at the same time using it as a useful reference book.

This book is intended for business people in small and medium-sized companies based on the lectures given by an author who has abundant knowledge of the nonwoven fabric industry. The first edition was published in The sample collection was well received as a collection of samples that could be directly seen and touched for understanding in the time when nonwoven fabrics were attracting a lot of attention but there had been very few opportunities to directly touch and understand them. The book also includes his contributions to academic journals, lectures at universities as well as contributions to outstanding magazines abroad.

The book is a comprehensive compilation of all the works of Yonenaga, who attracts attentions from Japanese and people in other countries as an outstanding.

Non woven – types of web formation, types of bonding