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Community rounders #3

Uber Club Rounders Set. Garden Games Club Rounders Set. A traditional ball is hard and covered in leather although safer, softer balls for schools are also available. The pitch features a bowler's square 2.

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The four posts are positioned around the bowler's square as shown in the diagram black lines show lines that should be marked; green lines are for measuring only. Of course, if you are just playing in the park or your garden, exact dimensions don't matter and shrubberies and flower beds may come into play For a decent game, each team should have at least 6 people, so that when fielding, a person can stand next to each post in addition to the bowler and the backstop.

Rounders Basics Each team has two innings with all people in the team having a go at batting.

The one that takes just a little more effort to meet your exacting specifications? Perhaps a Martini? Shaken so hard that your teeth ache just looking at that chilly fog rising off the glass? Whether it is meeting up with friends after work, catching the game with the gang or just a quiet drink with that special someone, Rounders is the place for you.

2nd and 3rd Rounders lose to Belhaven

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Rounders (4/12) Movie CLIP - Destiny Chooses Us (1998) HD

Our fielding was also not as good as it has been in training sessions and we fumbled a bit around second base. We also need to work a little more on our long barriers especially in the deep field.

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Despite some valiant hitting by Saphira and Hannah we failed to make much of an impact on Belhaven and they ended the first innings 6 rounders ahead. In the second innings we were a little all over the place with our fielding. We also lost 3 half rounders for obstruction.