Secure integrated circuits and systems

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Secure Integrated Circuits and Systems

When developing digital ASICs and SoCs, we combine complex digital functions with highly specialized analog components. This results in extremely effective systems on one or more chips.

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Our Virtual ASIC Foundry offers the entire design flow: design kits of various semiconductor manufacturers for analog, digital and mixed-signal designs as well as the option of ASIC production in very small volumes. We offer hard and soft IP cores for analog and digital blocks in a variety of integrated technologies as well as the fast and simple integration of IP blocks into your technology of choice. Until now, time-consuming laboratory tests were necessary to detect pollutants and contaminants in liquids such as drinking water or juices.

Now a novel mobile measuring device can quickly and reliably detect biochemical substances in foodstuffs and liquids.


Reliability vs. As technology further scales, devices offer better performance with faster speed and lower power albeit at the cost of reliability.

Advanced technology nodes introduce higher variations in manufacturing processes, and devices experience greater aging and environmental degradation. View on IEEE. Save to Library. Create Alert. Share This Paper.

Center of Competence Design of Electronic Circuits and Systems

This research project pursues new strategies for securing ICs against supply chain threats. This research explores a new framework for supply chain security organized around three main thrusts. The first thrust explores application-specific designs with post-fabrication programmability to prevent targeted Trojan insertion by an untrusted foundry.

The second thrust of the work addresses the design side of the supply chain, and seeks new formal abstractions for reasoning about, and protecting against, entire classes of malicious circuit modifications. The third thrust addresses the distribution side of the supply chain with a low-cost authentication technique to verify the provenance of packaged ICs.

This research project has the potential to positively impact national security and well-being of individuals by helping to keep malicious parts out of critical systems such as defense aircraft and medical devices.

Integrated Circuits and Systems

The work supports economic competitiveness of US semiconductor companies by trying to prevent billions of dollars in annual losses from counterfeits. The project supports cybersecurity education through a variety of contest-based learning activities, and through a supply chain testbed for lab courses that supports both education and research. Some full text articles may not yet be available without a charge during the embargo administrative interval.

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