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Age-adjusted death rates per , population by cause of death and sex, by year Excel KB. Number of deaths and death rates per , population from malignant neoplasms by sex and site ,by year Excel KB. Number of deaths and death rates per , population from accidents by external causes , by year Excel KB.

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Death rates in foreign countries per , population by sex and major cause of death Excel KB. Number of infant deaths and death rates per , live births by age and causes the list of causes of infant death Excel KB.

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Infant death rates per live births in foreign countries by year Excel KB. Number of marriages by combination of first marriage and remarriage ,by year Excel KB.

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Number of marriages by nationality of husband and wife , by year Excel KB. Number of first marriage and its percentage by age group ,by year Excel KB. Number of divorces by marriage period ,by year; Average cohabitation period by year Excel KB. Number of divorces by number of children requiring custody ,by year Excel KB. While, for the family of the deceased, a death certificate ensures their right to inherit property, to access business and financial entitlements, and to claim any available insurance benefits.

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But registration is also vital for national planning. The civil registration records of births and deaths are necessary for countries to compile accurate, complete and timely vital statistics, which, along with population censuses, are central to estimating population size — especially for small areas.

Without knowing the size and composition of the local population, how can local authorities decide how much — and what type of essential services to provide? Similarly, the cause of death data from civil registration systems are vital for pinpointing the diseases and injuries that are cutting lives short and for planning preventive services to avoid premature mortality. Cause of death data are also useful to inform governments about outbreaks of fatal disease.

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Consider the recent Ebola outbreak. Once the outbreak was spotted it was important to look back in time to see which recent deaths might have been from the disease but not diagnosed, not least to trace those who had contact with the victim. And when governments fly blind then they are often making policy on the basis of ideology, anecdotes or for political considerations, rather than on evidence.

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Unfortunately there remain huge gaps in the availability and quality of these crucial data in many parts of the world. And this presents a major challenge to evidence-based public policy. How bad is the problem?

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Very few low and middle-income countries have functioning cause of death information systems that they can draw on to guide policies for health and human development. Birth registration varies widely, from 3 per cent in Somalia to 95 per cent in South Africa 2.

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It has become increasingly clear that without reliable vital statistics we cannot monitor progress towards our development goals nor national development policies. As the international community seeks to define a new development agenda post , the awareness of the need to strengthen civil registration in many countries has spread and funds have finally begun to flow from the donor community: both from philanthropic organisations and the international development agencies 4, 5.

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With increased funding comes a need to monitor progress in improving — or even setting up systems for civil registration and vital statistics CRVS. What is equally important though is to measure how the lives of those - mostly poor people, who are born, live and die uncounted, improve as a result of being registered. Perhaps it is time to give international prominence to an indicator of the ability of a country to register all its births and deaths.

To speed up progress with civil registration a new way of doing business is required. Many registration systems are still paper based.